George Foca-Rodi - pianist and composer, was born in Braila, Romania.

He performed on stage for the first time when he was  9  years  old, at the  Communal Theater of Braila .

Later, at the Yassy Conservatory, he was the recipient of the prestigious George Enescu Fellowship.


Foca-Rodi has performed under the batons of Horia Andreescu, Remus Georgescu and Ion Baciu of Romania, Renard Ceaicovschi and Adam Natanek of Poland, Erich Bergel,  Guenther Schubert of Germany, and others.

In Romania he was involved in multilateral activities. He composed music for the National Theater of Yassy as well as for the Romanian Television. We mention music for  the “Seagull” by Chekov, “Night of the Iguana” by T.Williams, “Saint Joan of the Slaughterhouses” by B.Brecht, “Diary of a Madman” by Gogol ,”La Celestina”

by Fernando Roja.


New York audiences have heard him on several occasions at Lincoln Center. George Foca-Rodi loved to improvise at the end of his performances.  Some of his improvisations were recorded. Among them :"An American in Moscow”, "Requiem for a Flight", "How Lili Marlene met Petrushka”.


Among his compositions are: "Four Orchestral Pieces" (dedicated to Sergiu Celibidache),  "Sounds of an Ending Century” (symphony for choir and orchestra), “Adoramus Te”( choir and orchestra),"Passacaglia for Orchestra “, "Lamento for the Holocaust" ( strings and percussion), Reverie ( symphonic piece), a Suite of pieces dedicated to places he loves .We mention : Braila,Yassy, Leipzig, New York,

Amalfi Coast, Paris, Valencia ,Saint Petersburg. He also composed piano, vocal and chamber music.

The George Enesco Philharmonic of Bucharest as well as the Yassy Moldova Philharmonic promote his music.

In addition, Mr. Foca-Rodi is the author of a collection of writings entitled “Transoceanic Essays”, as well as philosophical studies regarding the works of Machiavelli, Nietzsche and Heidegger published in the  Romanian and English languages . George Foca-Rodi is Doctor Honoris Causa  of the Apollonia University, Romania.

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